Rutland & District Petanque League
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Submitted Home Away
17/07/2019ORFC Wrinklies2-2Fox & Hounds Originals
16/07/2019Ketton Euros2-2Old Black Horse B
16/07/2019Nailers1-3Black Horse Salamis
16/07/2019Old Plough Furrowers3-1Beach Boys Of Barrowden
16/07/2019Rutland Panthers4-0Fox & Hounds Exton

Division 1

Submitted Home Away
17/07/2019Black Horse Grimston A1-3Belton Braces
17/07/2019Old Black Horse A3-1Boot & Shoe Cobblers
16/07/2019Greetham Vikings Traders2-2Rutland Rovers
16/07/2019Wheaties2-2Grants Wanderers
10/07/2019Rutland Rovers1-3Belton Braces

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
17/07/2019Fox & Hounds Occasionals3-1Old Plough Colts
17/07/2019The Horse Shoes3-1Rose & Crown, Houghton
16/07/2019Crown Nomads4-0Wheatabees
16/07/2019Crown Sproxton A1-3Mrs Browns Boules
16/07/2019Queens Head Tigers1-3ORFC Flankers


Submitted Home Away
17/07/2019ORFC Forwards1-3Greetham Vikings Wayfarers
16/07/2019Casterton Crusaders3-1Oakey Doakeys
16/07/2019Knights of Casterton2-2Whissendine Lions
16/07/2019Saltby G&Ts1-3Sewstern Chasers
16/07/2019The Bob Hopes2-2Crown Inn Sproxton


Submitted Home Away
17/07/2019Belton Bees2-2Rockingham Petanque
16/07/2019Collyweston Originals2-2Wheatsheaf Hunters
16/07/2019Hatton Rollers2-2Morcott Wanderers
16/07/2019Horse & Jockey2-2Ashley Athletiques
16/07/2019RAC Houghton3-1Rutland Agric Society

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Notice Board

League and Cup Fixtures and dates now LIVE. We welcome FIVE new teams to the League : Ashley Athletiques, Knights of Casterton, Crown Casterton, Collyweston Originals and Saltby G&Ts

Additionally several teams have CHANGED VENUE including Oakey Doakeys, Morcott Wanderers and Rutland Rovers. The Map is almost up to date and is accessed via the '+' tab

DATE for your DIARY: Rutland League Celebration Event on Sunday, 19 May at Oakham Rugby Club. Details TBA but for sure all will be welcome including newcomers

Prior to playing a match, please make sure you have registered all your team players using the Player Management option

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PremierDivision 1Division 2NorthSouth

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Rutland Panthers24335
Black Horse Salamis10424
Fox & Hounds Originals4624

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Black Horse Grimston A2725
Belton Braces5724
Boot & Shoe Cobblers123

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Fox & Hounds Occasionals9426
Crown Nomads2623
Mrs Browns Boules2123

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
ORFC Forwards6425
The Bob Hopes6025
Casterton Crusaders4624

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Horse & Jockey9728
Ashley Athletiques7725
RAC Houghton1923

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