The Thursday Pairs League
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Division 1

Submitted Home Away
23/07/2021Air Hostess 61-3Air Hostess 5
23/07/2021Nottingham Reivers3-1Nottingham Riders
23/07/2021Nutbrook Storm0-4Hathern Anchors
22/07/2021Titchfield Bandits1-3Titchfield Snappers
16/07/2021Nutbrook Storm2-2Air Hostess 6

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
23/07/2021Air Hostess 33-1The Rookies
23/07/2021KP Buzzards2-2Kestrels 1
22/07/2021Beacon Flames1-3Kestrels 3
22/07/2021Nutbrook Buzzards3-1Kestrels 2
16/07/2021Kestrels 13-1Beacon Flames

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Division 1Division 2

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Air Hostess 511726
Nottingham Reivers8523
Hathern Anchors5721

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
The Rookies8020
Kestrels 15319
Kestrels 25319

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